Offshore Positioning Services

We provide navigation and positioning services to boost asset integrity of mobile offshore units including self elevated workover platforms (SEWOP’s), mobile offshore drilling units (MODU’s), mobile offshore production units (MOPU’s), FPSO’s and barges. Our positioning services promise a high degree of accuracy to ensure that there is no damage to existent surface or subsea structures and the asset is placed where required which is very important especially for well drilling purposes.


Construction Support

We offer touch down monitoring, navigation, anchor handling, surface and subsea positioning services for offshore construction works ranging from installation of jackets and topsides, pipelines, subsea manifolds, risers, spool pieces and mattresses. In addition, we perform diver and ROV tracking for diving campaigns which may be a part of these projects.


Geophysical Seabed Surveys

Our offshore survey services are designed to provide in-depth information with regards to your site characterisation needs. With the use of various sonar equipment including Multibeam echosounders, Side scan sonars, Sub bottom profilers, magnetometers and sector scan sonars, we provide top notch quality data and charts containing bathymetric, topographic, debris and wreckage information as regards the seabed and the immediate subsurface. This information may also include Spud can footprints of Mobile offshore units and knowledge of them would go a long way in aiding avoidance of incidents, damage and possible loss of offshore structures.


2D High Resolution Seismic Surveys

We consult and provide both professional support and man power for two-dimensional high-resolution seismic surveys to evaluate and characterize the subsurface as part of field pre-engineering investigations. The survey will help highlight geomorphological features of the subsurface and geohazards such as shallow gas, gas pockets and faults providing relevant information to aid offshore engineering design.


Albemar synergy performs aerial imagery of installations and facilities thereby producing a 3-dimensional view of the area including its topography. These inspections are carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones) which are navigationally aided by global positioning systems and a ground control point to help realize a real time representation on maps, Arc GIS or other software.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We carry out detailed engineering design, procurement of all equipment and materials required, and construct to deliver functioning facilities or assets to our clients. Our EPC solution boasts a culture of transparency and collaboration coupled with ardent project management.

Our clients are our number one priority, and our services prove just how committed we are to their success. Let’s meet and discuss more on how to make your project thrive in partnership with us.

Alternative Energy

With our partners and in a bid to foster a better and favourable environment, we offer alternative energy sources including inverters, Batteries and solar solutions. Our smart grid technology also helps to monitor consumption and automatically decrease demand load, ensuring your energy systems function reliably all through design life.


Solar Street Lighting and Cameras

We offer street lighting systems which can be designed as solar, mains powered or a combination of both depending on your needs. These systems are engineered to deliver efficient and reliable illumination with a high degree of maintainability through boosted electro luminescent panels, better MPPT technology and EOEM (Easy Open, Easy Maintain) design. They can also be made to run on the SLCS (Solar Street Light Control System) technology which will allow one user to be in control of up to 10,000 solar street lights and have access to functions such as; the state of each lamp, battery levels, lamp dimming and tuning the system according to weather forecasts. Other options include street lights embedded with wireless cameras to achieve an integrated illumination and security solution.